Jerred and Natalie



Let's begin at Burning Man 2015 where I experienced my first sound meditation. I was finally at a place in my life where I was ready to graciously receive whatever the universe had to teach me. Lucky for me, in that moment, the universe would deliver healing that would change the trajectory of my life forever.

I feel more connected to my body and to my emotions, to my friends and family and to strangers. More connected to my heart and to my happiness, to sadness and my sorrows. More connected to the trees and the mountains, to mama Earth and our great Sun.

All that to say, I feel a deep calling to share the path and passions in my life that have gotten me to where I am now. Through my intentions, words, actions and especially sound, I try and create a space for healing and self-discovery for those around me.

With my partner we do this by sharing yoga, meditation, sound healing and reiki. These events we put on, with our friends both old and new, have shown me a new kind of happiness. A happiness that can only grow out of peace, gratitude and fulfillment.

The universe has been opening up doors and I can't wait to see your smiling faces on the other side.


Lake Serene, Wa, 2016

Lake Serene, Wa, 2016

Gothic Basin, Wa,  2016

Gothic Basin, Wa,  2016


I first discovered yoga when I was experiencing a lowest of lows in my life. I became a hermit and spent every free moment in solitude, on my mat. I turned to yoga to heal, to transform, to feel whole again. In my practice I discovered that I was not leading myself, the flow of the universe was guiding my movements and opening my heart to receive love for the first time. I knew I what I was experiencing was far more than self-care. The divine heard my cries for help and showered me with love and acceptance. Through consistent practice of yoga and meditation I learned to love myself. This love penetrated through my soul and quickly expanded out into the world around me. A passion for sharing this peace with others was ignited and I enrolled in my first teacher training in October of 2015. I've been teaching yoga in my home since this training began and in studios since January of 2016. I continued my education after my first 200 hours and received and additional 50 hour certification both through Corepower Yoga.

In my practice and in my teaching I am heavily focused on union and connection. I did not heal myself alone. I did not succeed in obtaining a teaching career alone. It is through community and divine union that we realize our infinite potential.

The ability to heal and transform others while healing and transforming yourself through the expression of asanas is much more than a gift, it's the ability to create unity on our planet. To me, this is an obligation and so is sharing it with others. Through yoga I have discovered the light within myself, and the ability to see the same light within others. I share yoga to show everyone how bright they shine.