Jerred & Natalie

Jerred & Natalie are Seattle based space holders on a mission to share the transformational experiences that have assisted them on their own paths. Drawing upon their trainings and backgrounds in yoga, meditation, pranayama, reiki, sound healing and sacred ceremony they combine these transcendent tools to assist their community in expansion, evolution and divine union.

They facilitate space for transformative journeying, connecting deeply with others and elevating consciousness. Aligned with their truth, they posses the innate capacity to unite others in a collective vibrational frequency of love. They are humble space holders, viewing their gifts as the co-creation of each individual making equal contributions to the container. It is their passion to assist others in accessing the unified field of consciousness and their infinite potential, destroying limitations and illusions.


Our offerings Are the manifestation of our soul’s purpose. They are the conduit through which we share our collected wisdom and the practices that have been our teachers. They are one of our favorite ways to nurture the communities that have filled our cups and taught us so much.

Joining us in ceremony is communicating to the Universe that you’re ready. To live from your heart, to realize your infinite potential and to act out of love for yourself and others.

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Manifesting Magick: Cacao Ceremony

Description (for schedule/website):
Meet the spirit of Cacao, feel her energizing embrace, receive her potent medicine and plunge into the boundless depths of the one heart. In this unified field of consciousness and unconditional love we’ll support each other along a journey of liberation from limiting beliefs, piercing the veils of illusion and peering into the deepest wells of our truth. Together we’ll re-discover our infinite potential, ignite our soul’s purpose and manifest the life of our dreams - the life Spirit is beckoning us to live.

About & Benefits:
This ceremony is the embodiment of our own manifestations from 2017. We envisioned ourselves offering this workshop at festivals and did so the following year four times. This experience attracts those that need it, it heals and transforms, it clears a space so that we can all do our greatest work with the support of our tribe.

  • A life-changing manifestation practice that helps people achieve their wildest dreams.

  • Interactive and connects people that would otherwise be strangers.

  • Unites people in love and gratitude, contributing to the higher purpose and magic of the festival.

  • Serves as an intro to plant medicine and communing with plant spirits.

Relatively quiet area away from stages
Comfortable floor (for laying down without being stabbed by rocks)
Audio Setup with 3.5mm for music
Microphone/Headphone preferred

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Sacred Vibrations: Journey Through Sound

Description (for schedule/website):
This is an immersive meditation guided by the resonant tones of alchemical crystal singing bowls, gong, flute, shamanic vocal toning, mantra and other sacred instruments. By surrendering to the vibrations we dive into our infinite inner worlds, embarking on an inward journey of deep healing and exploration.

About & Benefits:
At Burning Man 2014 we experienced our first singing bowl meditation, had the trajectory of our lives changed forever and have been sharing this medicine ever since. This powerful space, a deep journey through sound, transcends time and space and reveals to us ourSelves. It brings us light and shadow - it’s the work that asks of us to bear the mantle of our truth.

  • Serves as a safe space for an individual journey/experience.

    • Is a grounding experience for those seeking restoration.

    • May be out-of-body for those journeyers seeking exploration.

  • Entrains brainwaves to align listeners to a collective vibration.

  • Accessible to new and practiced meditators.

Very quiet area away from stages
Comfortable floor (for laying down without being stabbed by rocks)

Cacao_Breathwork copy.jpg

Breath Awakening: Cacao + Breathwork Journey

Description (for schedule/website):
Awaken to your Breath and experience it as the deep teacher that it is. Alongside the energetic and loving spirit of cacao we’ll embark on a journey to transcend normal states of consciousness and expand into the infinite possibility of the formless realms. Here, aligned with the vibration of love, we begin the process of liberating ourselves from the chains of patterns that no longer serve us. Using our breath we’ll open our hearts to new capacities and awaken to even deeper levels of our truth.

Why & Benefits:
While powerful alone, together, these two medicines dance together in perfect counter-point. Each playing a vital roll in shifting our consciousness and way of being. The spirit of cacao takes us from our minds and into our awakened hearts, the instrument through which do our breathwork. Our breath, a sacred tool, reconnects us to our soul’s purpose and lays to rest old patterns and limiting beliefs. This workshop unites us with our deepest truths through a heart full of love and gratitude. It liberates us from our imagined chains and aligns us to a greater sense of peace and purpose, knowing, creativity and clarity.

  • Reawakens us to our purpose, divinity and creativity.

  • Through the rhythmic movement of our breath we destroy and create again our patterns and habits.

  • Unites people in love and gratitude which then ripples out into the festival.

  • Serves as an intro to plant medicine and communing with plant spirits.

Relatively quiet area away from stages
Comfortable floor (for laying down without being stabbed by rocks)
Audio Setup with 3.5mm for music
Microphone/Headphone preferred





Reviews of our meditations (from the insight timer app)

Testimonials: Our Work and Our Mirrors

It's been over a week since that incredible breath workshop and I've noticed some lasting magic that I wanted to share with you and Natalie. Normally, after a good yoga or meditation sesh I feel so good and ask myself why I don’t breathe deeply all the time. I'll usually be conscious of my breath for the rest of the day and forget by the next morning. However, since your workshop I've found myself taking in deep, full, nourishing breaths subconsciously and its helped my anxiety a tonnnnn. Something as simple as waiting my turn in a grocery store checkout has presented itself as an opportunity to connect with my breath. I'm sooo appreciative of you guys for the rolls you played in reconnecting me with my own breath and journey of self love. Thank you thank you thank you. Have a beautiful day.”

Sarah Guker, after Cacao and Breathwork Workshop 2018

"Jerred and Natalie have such a warm and welcoming presence that you can't help but feel joyful around them! They have an unparalleled ability to guide and nurture you through your experience, whether it be a sound bath, meditation, cacao ceremony or restorative yoga. Every experience with them I leave feeling lighter, happier and more present in my life and with tools to stay grounded and navigate through the challenges that life often brings. My life would not be the same without the bright light of these two souls!"

Eryn Kruk

"Jerred and Natalie offer balanced, peaceful, and heart-centered classes. These yogis love what they do and live what they love. Its a joy to be in their class and I always leave feeling better then I did when it started. Jerred's voice and sound bowls are calming while Natalie lovingly guides you through an intelligent asana sequence. Their workshops are powerful experiences that I highly recommend!"

Casey Hubbell, E-RYT 200

"A few weeks ago my boyfriend, Kyle and I had an amazing experience. We were both stressed and looking for something or someone to help us unwind and chill out. That something or someone happened to be Jerred and Natalie. They posted on a Facebook group about their sound healing and Reiki and I took it as a sign. Next thing I know Kyle and I are melting into the floor haha Natalie preformed an hour of reiki on me and Kyle soaked up the benefits on Jerred's singing bowls, gong and AUMs. If you are new to these methods or they are a familiar friend I would highly recommend Jerred and Natalie. They are genuine and calming people and make you feel welcome and renewed. "

Gina and Kyle

"I have taken part in a handful of Jerred and Natalie's sound bath ceremonies and one of their cacao ceremonies. All their ceremonies leave me feeling rejuvenated and full of clarity. If you're feeling out of sync with your daily life, like things just aren't aligning or going your way, I highly recommend attending one of their sound baths. They typically pair a yin yoga practice with their sound bath ceremonies which always helps ground me before moving into the full meditation with the singing bowls, gongs, and chants. If you are feeling a lack of community in your life or unclear about what your micro and macro life goals and visions are I recommend their cacao ceremonies. Their cacao ceremonies truly help you manifest your aspirations. It's a great time to connect with others and take a moment out of your busy life to think about your path or next steps!"

Lydia Mini-Tube, RYT 200

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World Rhythm Festival
Cascadia NW Music & Arts
Summer Meltdown
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Memorial Weekend Retreat @ The Dutchess (NY) w/ Diana Paschal
Urban Wellness Retreat @ Habitas (NY) w/ Kin Social Tonic

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