New Moon Manifesting!

Happy New Moon in Libra and Venus Retrograde in Scorpio!

Those just happen to be both of my signs! (Natalie here).

Scorpio born on the cusp of Libra. In fact, I was born on a full moon AND this October 24th will in fact be my birthday. But this isn't any ordinary birthday - oh no. This birthday is my 27th. You see, 27 has held a significant role in my life since I was youngin’. It's been my guide, my sign, my friend for over a decade. I’ve seen it close to 30 times in one day. It's always there, always reassuring and assisting. This number means a lot to me. It's been supporting me since I decided to follow my heart and turn away from anything less.

And this October, I begin my 27th rotation around a massive flaming sphere of light. YES! That's not all friends, nope of course it's not. Because the as the Divine YOUniverse would have it, that's never all. This October 24th, my 27th birthday is also a FULL MOON. DAMN. Do I feel like a MOON GODDESS!

Are you feeling like a Moon Goddess or God? Do you want to celebrate the cycles of life and the divine synchronicity and sacred geometrical patterns and webs and numbers in life? I encourage you to spend time each day in reflection, intention and creation. As busy humans our dreams are often the first thing to go when we feel overwhelmed.

***Star being of GAIA***, your dreams are your gift to yourself and others. Use the divine black canvas of the New Moon to write down your goals. Jerred and I did this the other night and we're SO EXCITED to attack our plans!

Step one. Categories

Examples: Jerred and I chose

1. Financial
2. Business (Jerred and Natalie)
3. Relationship (us again!)
4. Music (we got big goals ya'll)

Step 2: Get nitty gritty
We broke down the steps we're going to take each week to make this shiz happen! We have designated meeting & work hours to prioritize tasks and make things happen. Treat it like your job - if something calls for your attention, do you leave your day job to go take care of it? Prioritize your dreams. This is your highest potential, this is your most significant contribution to the world!
Example:Relationship Goals
1. Go overseas in Feb 2020
2. Tattoos - HELLA
3. Monthly mini-trips/hikes in our dear Bonnie (our van)
4. Weekly pranayama ceremony (just us in our home)
5. weekly music practice
7. weekly date night (out or in)
8. monthly Workshop/Class (this can be a date!)
9. Monthly home study (online lectures/classes, ie: Gabby Berstein, Matt Kahn, Andrew Martin etc)

Now the HOW comes down to 3 things:
1. Money
2. Time Management
3. Saying NO to distractions
For money we have a specific game plan in our Financial Goals to pay off debts, save our booties off and get on track for our luxurious dreamy dreams.
We now have opposite work schedules so time management is key. Every Friday morning we start with a meeting and going over finances.
Then we move onto Jerred & Natalie business planning. We talk about what our priorities are for Saturday's work hours and goals for the coming week.
After that is all about that Divine Flow baby!

We have a ceremony for two: generally Cacao & Holotropic Breathwork. Yeah, don't worry guys, this type of event will be on the calendar for you soon. Get ready to blast off! ;) After this we're usually pretty inspired and wild-eyed. Which is the perfect time to create. At this point, the sky is the limit. The rest of the morning & early afternoon is ours to dance, paint, make music, sing, write or whatever we're channeling that day. It's all about embodiment. And this gives us the opportunity to practice what we preach. Every week setting aside time to share intimate space together, as partners, as lovers, as a team - to embody what we want to share with others.

So on this New Moon - I set my intention to focus on my goals. That means every morning I meditate, and afterwards I journal. After I journal, I re-read all 4 pages regarding our goals. Every evening after work no matter how tired I am I do something towards my goals. Whether it's writing this to share this passion and discipline with ya'll, making an Instagram post or creating a promotional flyer. I do it. But it's just as important to remember WHY you do it. For yourself - to live the most fulfilling life you can - the one you don't think is possible.
For others - because even though your best pal says he really needs your help moving across town - what will really serve the people in your life best - is you living up to your highest potential. Sometimes that means saying no. Sometimes that means guarding your schedule and setting those boundaries. Trust the process.

I encourage you to copy my morning routine and during your meditation sit with your WHY. See and FEEL yourself living this best life! See the benefits you receive as well as others! IT'S ALL ABOUT EMBODIMENT. ( “Morning Meditation to Align with the Frequency of Love”) I also encourage you to borrow my goal organization skills! And if you have any questions REACH OUT. I'm all yours. All I ask in return, is that you start NOW. This new moon. Let her guide your sweet soul to the Heaven you were meant to bring unto Earth.

jerred locke