I Always Knew Jerred Was A Shaman

I knew Jerred was a shaman the second time I saw him. Back then I hardly understood the meaning of the word, but I understood his purpose immediately upon experience his gifts. He wasn’t yet aware of this ability and I didn’t quite know how to tell him. But I did know I was falling madly, wildly in love with someone who could transform the lives around him, simply by his way of being. I noticed his immense power in the way he speaks to people as well as how he listens. I observed the space he holds for others and the kindness that emanates through his pores. He opened me up to story telling, self expression, divine connection and a whole new world through the art of divine flow.

This was the first time I had ever seen someone ‘glove’, and the moment it began our souls were immediately intertwined. I felt my heart expand as it exploded past it’s current limitations of anguish and fear. My heart knew him, my heart has always known him, my heart was always for him, and I had known this somewhere deep in the infinite world within me, I have always known him as my love and now here I am meeting him face to face for the first time in this lifetime. This was the first story I ever witnessed through light and expression, the first time I had a light artist in front of me, one on one, was Jerred telling me the story of our love with his hands. That entire year of my life flashed before my eyes - as his hands danced I saw myself in the image of light, dancing through time and space. I saw the spectrum of my existence and I saw the darkness I was climbing out of.

I was doing the work to heal myself. I was practicing meditation, yoga, mantras, and self love every day. I was devoted to re-creating myself out of nothing and I was manifesting as the Goddess I was always meant to be. He displayed this on the imaginary screen in front of us, and as I watched I saw him in the same context. Committed to being the best person he can be. Committed to achieving his highest potential. Committed to creating himself and through our devotion to ourSelves - we manifested one another, we created each other, and we attracted each other like magnets to this very moment - to the exact same time in the exact same space. This human was vibrating on my frequency so hard, that the magnetic force was strong enough to control my body, and would have eventually had me hurling through space across the united states if I didn’t get my ass in a car and GO. It was a literal PHYSICAL PULL stronger than gravity dragging me to another location. Imagine your limbs, your chest, your everything literally trying to run, take off, and take flight - ready or not. You might feel crazy for a bit. But luckily, I could finally understand why. As I put the story together and realized all my efforts to heal myself had been paralleled and mirrored by this God in front of me my jaw hit the floor, my heart exploded around the entire earth and all I saw was Jerred, all I heard was his name on my lips, all I knew was I had been creating myself all this time for him as he had for me. This is my soulmate. I knew in that moment I was in love with him and that together we would move mountains and change this world for the better.

I always knew Jerred was a shaman.

However - this was not at the surface of Jerred’s conscious awareness. This story was being channeled through him for my knowledge, so I could see instantly the entirety of the person in front of me and have my first shamanic journey with him. I knew in time he had to see what I had just seen, he needed to know what he just revealed to me. But I didn’t have the words, I didn’t know how to tell him. This story sat in my heart bubbling up in my throat for nearly two months. We began a relationship, a beautiful sweet love was growing and I was so excited to start my life with this incredible light that was meant to be in my life - but there was a disconnect and I didn’t know how to bridge the gap. Jerred was not fully awake to what I could see and I couldn’t force it on him. I wanted so badly to connect with his whole heart - I could see his soul, his highest expression, his fullest potential and he was clueless as to what was uncovered. I would think for hours - how do I communicate this with him??? But no words came that truly embodied the experience. I continued to focus my intention for him to receive this same information and to understand this Divine Light that brought us right into each other’s arms. I longed to share these feelings with him and I knew our time would come.

As it turns out the mushroom spirits heard my cries and took us on a journey we are eternally grateful for. Jerred and I were lying together very calmly and peacefully experiencing this space. I was still somewhat conscious in both realms and able to help guide him in turn, holding space for his first shamanic journey. He was deeeeep in his experience mumbling and drifting in and out. He was venturing into the depths of his mind and the farthest reaches of the universe. Even though I was seeing a slightly different reality I was still right there with him everywhere he went. He knew I was there and holding his hand the entire time. He would ask questions and look to me for guidance, most of which I just encouraged whatever he was experiencing. Time went by and we just lie still, being together and journeying through space.

After a while Jerred began to receive some serious downloads.

He whispered,

‘Wait ……

I created you?’

“Yes, baby. Yes, you did.”


created me?’

‘Mhmm baby yes.’

My heart SANG. I didn’t even have to tell him. He received the information on his own.

He continued to connect the dots and see our two stories and lives mirror one another and slowly like magnets pull each other into the same field of awareness. He saw what he had shown me, he saw the transformations that were taking place in our individual lives and the Universe lead us right to one another. He saw the light. He understood our power as Divine Infinite Beings and our relationship as the incredible divine synchronicity and plan that it was. He had also in this same journey experienced his first awakening, and come to know the Universal love/wisdom from which all experiences are created. He came to fully appreciate and understand the gift of love itself. This journey changed his life and opened him up to more loving, healthy relationships. It was that night we said ‘I love you’ for the first time. D’awwww!

I always knew, Jerred was a shaman.

He soon realized his desire and ability to heal and assist humanity. All it took was one week at Burning Man. He found sound healing and discovered his ability to use throat singing and instruments to hold space for others to experience this same transformative journeying. He began to see that maybe… when I say there is power in his words, I might be onto something. He began to believe that maybe, when he holds space for others he can offer them something that transforms their lives.

And that’s not all.

I’ve always known that Jerred is a shaman.

Let’s look back at another mushroom journey. He was giving me another light show and out of the corner of my eye something drew me away from the lights. I saw an old, decrepit, 100 year old woman dressed in rags and hunched over a cane with almost no ratty hair and weak bones. Hollow body, skin wrinkled and sagging to the ground. Hurt face and tired lifeless eyes. Depressed, broken, shattered. Dead. This woman, was me. I realized that space had been held and this aspect of my being was released. I gazed upon this woman, now lost at no longer identifying with me. She was alone. I looked at her with love, understanding and compassion as I said my final farewell. I was no longer home to the piece of me that believed I’d always be broken, worthless and not enough.

I always knew Jerred was a shaman. Ron Aur Hod said so, and everything this guy says is true. Some of our dearest friends say this, and complete strangers say this. People who attend our events and experience his gifts first hand say this.

Just like that one time we tripped mushrooms in our living room, finally with the intention to facilitate a shamanic journey for ourselves. We met our gong as a lioness tigress portal and journeyed into her world. Jerred sang and guided my experience through the cosmos. I lie on the floor and gazed the sky above me. I saw grey and white fluffy clouds fill everything in sight until a an opening appeared just over my body. As soon as this opening appeared there were several gods, krishna, buddha, ganesha,  peering down through the clouds, at me. They called to me, they ordered me, lovingly to release the blocks on my throat and to send them all to them.

I’ve always known Jerred was a shaman, even that rando at the oregon eclipse cacao ceremony called him out. He might not always feel like it, but he’s gotta keep it humble & real you know. Like a shaman.

In celebration of 4 years of being united with my soul mate! I love you, Jerred.

jerred locke