Energy in Motion

The waves crash against the ocean shore
Fueled by a thunderous roar
What are these emotions for?

Who do I express
When I can take nothing less
then all of your efforts
all of who you are

Be real to your core
Express every message, every song
Every feeling, every thought

No matter what they say
It's all a perfect representation
Don't let anyone dictate your actions

Your heart is your heart
Your words are your words

Each one is golden and vibrant as the sun, Each one
is powerful - holding the key to your truth, Each one
is a piece you

Each piece of you makes up the whole

The waves intensify with energy and emotion
Crashing stronger and making their energy known
Like a bull in preparation for a fight
We show the world our strength our might

The sounds of the Universe ask for our expression, OUR RAGE.

How do we communicate?
Turn this feeling into an image
Transform this emotion into a song
Paint a picture of my heart
Only to have it ripped apart
Hopes of being seen or heard
Shattered glass and not a word

But as the ocean cries
I find comfort inside

The Universe knows
how to speak without words
how to hold without hands
how to love without rules
how to express without holding back
or second guessing
the memories
that give us the stories
to share
our cross to bare
our fate to wear

The price we pay to exist in a place
of infinite taste
in and endless race
to save
our planet

Before it's too late.


And as the rain falls
the Universe calls
a storm to cleanse us all of blame and fault
Purify our thoughts
Release once and for all
what doesn't define you
and share the truths
that the world is blind to.



jerred locke