You CAN and will, I promise.

Almost exactly a year ago Jerred and I attended the Solar Eclipse Gathering in Oregon. This festival will always be one of the most life changing experiences of my human existence. I made life long friends, had profound awakenings and downloads, saw my favorite artists and creators and contributed to a space of sky-high vibrations. 

On the night before the Eclipse there was a women's New Moon Cacao Ceremony. Jerred was going to attend a men's circle nearby. It just so turned out we were meant to spend the evening together as a last minute switch the men's was canceled and they were invited to join the women. 

I'll never forget these incredible women hosting the ceremony. The Goddess Moon Temple was utter magic, love and wisdom. They were so articulate and open. They were strong and intelligent. In the beginning of the night, listening to them speak and seeing how seamless the experience was I was full of doubt in myself. Their presence, although kind and loving, was rather intimidating to someone who wanted to someday be in their shoes. 

I began to really doubt myself. 

'I could never be like that'
'I can't talk like that'
'I don't know enough'
'I'm not good enough'
'Blah blah blah compare compare compare'

Through out the evening we read oracle cards, sang Kirtan, offered one another blessings, practiced heart opening and soul gazing exercises and finally, manifesting. 

As I gathered with a couple other women I'd never spoken to before I opened up and shared my heart's deepest desires. I opened up to them about all of my wildest dreams and every crazy thing I wanted to accomplish in my life.

I wanted to buy a Sprinter van, convert it into a camper and travel the country holding space just as these women were. I wanted my business, Jerred and Natalie, to go to different arts and music festivals, yoga studios, retreat centers as contributors and share our gifts with the world.

And you know what...



These two incredible women...



They believed me.

They believed in me.

They saw me. They heard me. They knew that I could and would do it. 


They spoke this dream into truth with me. As my tribe, my sisters, and fellow dream weavers. 


I listened as these two lovely souls as they spoke of my dreams as if they were old news and I've been doing it for years. 

I saw my future come to life. I started to really truly see mySelf and believe in mySelf because of their authentic reflection.


I felt the powerful and potent energy like thick molasses and heavy air that funneled to the peak of the massive tent structure we were standing in. This creative force that had been conjured by everyone's collective contributions to this space was as solid and dense as a mountain. I felt this energy transform into the fuel for our visions and begin to translate itself into Divine code for physical form.

I knew in that moment that ANYTHING I could imagine I could manifest with this abundant mass of energy. I could sense that every participant's visions would come to fruition.

It was fucking magical. It was fucking beautiful. I knew, I would too share this space. I knew that I would be on the giving end of this experience. I believed in my infinite potential.



Less than a year later my sweet friends..


Jerred and I are the proudest owners of our dear Bonnie.. The Sprinter.



In the last 4 months we became an official LLC, purchased and converted our Sprinter, Bonnie,


traveled through 25 states, and shared our offerings at two yoga studios in two different states, a yoga retreat in upstate NY and NYC, Seattle World Rhythm Festival and just held the most beautiful ceremony at Cascadia NW Arts and Music Festival this past weekend.

Sound Healing @ Yoga Retreat in upstate NY

Sound Healing @ Yoga Retreat in upstate NY

Cacao Ceremony love @ Cascadia Festival

Cacao Ceremony love @ Cascadia Festival


That's not even it.

We have 2 offerings at Summer Meltdown Music Festival this weekend. 

And sharing sound healing at a one day outdoor yoga event in Chambers Bay the weekend after.


You guys... WE'RE DOING IT
We are in that part of the process that feels like part of the process.. 

And this is only the beginning of that ever expanding dream and I'm so eternally grateful. 

Never underestimate your potential or someone else's. Never underestimate the strength in numbers, collective energy and co-creation. It's why we're here. 

This journey has taught us so much and inspired us to explore uncharted waters and realms we're less familiar with. We feel that creative potential stirring within us and know that we're ready to start uncovering what's been there all along - our deepest truths.

Jerred and Natalie is a multidimensional creation and is growing in multiple directions. We are honored to be here as students of life. Always discovering new layers and new depths of ourselves to offer. 


Share your gifts in all the ways that light your soul UP.

Blessings and Abundance for all <3