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Yin Yoga and Sound Healing with Natalie Stryffeler

We're so excited to be working with Live Love Flow in Janurary to bring the practices that we're most passionate about to more people and in such a great studio!

We're going to have blankets, blocks and bolsters for everyone :)

This is going to be a gentle and loving 90 minute restorative yoga practice to the healing tones of live crystal singing bowls.

Tickets are available through the LiveLoveFlowYoga website for $20 before January 5th and $25 after.


Restorative Yoga:
Slowing down can be one of the most challenging things to do in our busy lives. That's why this style of yoga is said to be one of the most advanced! Practice letting go, relaxing, effortlessness in every breath can cultivate a powerful inner awareness. Slower types of yoga allow for increased flexibility and injury prevention as well as healing and emotional release. Each posture will be held for up to 5 minutes using props to provide optimal comfort and allow the practitioner to soften and relax into the asanas.

Sound Healing:
Practitioners will use the pure sounds of the bowls as a vehicle for the mind to go inward. By surrendering our thoughts, one and a time to the vibrations, we begin to clear the past and future from our cognitive pallets until all that we are left with is the present moment.

It's in these moments when we can see things clearly without the fog of the ego to mask the truth of our being. It's in the act of letting go that we become powerful.

Earlier Event: December 17
Afternoon Zen Session **CANCELLED**
Later Event: January 22
Restorative Yoga + Sound Healing