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New Moon Cacao Ceremony

Harness the power of the new moon and a new cycle for us to reflect on current intentions or set new ones. Utilize the support of your community to assist you in intensifying the visions of your dreams and amplifying your beliefs in yourself. Together we will empower each other to truly see the infinite potential that lies within, together we will give power and strength to our visions, together we will step into the mastery of our own unique art forms. 


Cacao is a complex medicine with many active components which all lend themselves to the overall experience. The spirit of Cacao is the Queen of the Jungle. She is a wild, open, free spirit and loves to partake in human experience. Feel her presence and magic working within you and the collective as we open our hearts and minds to infinite possibilities. Cacao unites us into a vibrational frequency of love, connecting us to the one heart. When we co-create from this space we raise the collective vibration of our dear planet. 


Donations are accepted on a sliding scale of $10 to $20.
We strive to make these events accessible to everyone and appreciate your contribution in supporting our work.

Please avoid eating for at least one hour before the event and if possible avoid any stimulants such as caffeine for at least two hours.

Bring a meditation pillow and any objects you'd like to contribute to the altar.

Earlier Event: November 12
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