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Breath Awakening: Cacao & Breathwork Journey


** Please RSVP so we know how much cacao to prepare **

Join us for an immersive 2 hour journey alongside the Spirit of Cacao, through powerful breathwork and sacred sound, into the One Heart and the resting place of your Soul's Desire.


The Experience.
Awaken to your Breath and experience it as the deep teacher that it is. Alongside the energetic and loving spirit of cacao we’ll embark on a journey to transcend normal states of consciousness and expand into the infinite possibility of the formless realms. Here, aligned with the vibration of love, we begin the process of liberating ourselves from the chains of patterns that no longer serve us. Using our breath we’ll open our hearts to new capacities and awaken to even deeper levels of our truth.

While powerful alone, together, these two medicines dance together in perfect counter-point. Each playing a vital roll in shifting our consciousness and way of being. The spirit of cacao takes us from our minds and into our awakened hearts, the instrument through which do our breathwork. Our breath, a sacred tool, reconnects us to our soul’s purpose and lays to rest old patterns and limiting beliefs. This workshop unites us with our deepest truths through a heart full of love and gratitude. It liberates us from our imagined chains and aligns us to a greater sense of peace and purpose, knowing, creativity and clarity.

Considerations for Journeying.
The experience of this journey is one that evolves parallel to our own spiritual paths. The benefits of the breathwork is available to anyone that is interested in healing and transformation, in self-knowing and self-love and in becoming the best version of themselves. And, as we learn to sit back and observe our lives from the seat of the witness, this work will begin reveal to us deeper and deeper levels of ourSelves.

The active breathwork we practice is powerful and quite vigorous. It is physically, energetically and emotionally demanding and therefore we do not recommend it for anyone that is pregnant, has severe hypertension or cardiovascular disease, epilepsy, bipolar disorders or schizophrenia, or recent major surgeries and/or communicable diseases.

If you have any further questions please feel free to message us on Facebook or email us at

- Investment: Sliding Scale Donation of $15-$30
- We will have some blankets, pillows and yoga mats.
- This is hosted out of our home in Beacon Hill, Seattle, WA. For privacy reasons, send us a message/email for address. Thank you.

- Allocate enough time to arrive early and settle into the space.
- Bring anything you'd need to lie down comfortably for 60 minutes.
- Bring a journal & pen.
- Let us know if you have any food allergies.
- Consider:
- Eating a light breakfast/dinner
- Avoiding caffeine or stimulants
- Dressing comfortably

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This has become one of my favorite practices. Each time I’m filled with inspiration and reminded of my purpose - to create. With these reminders I can more easily stay aligned with the person that I want to be instead of forgetting and slipping into my old patterns.
- Jerred

The combination of cacao, pranayama and intention is nothing short of transformative. The journey is a vast ocean of emotions allowing me to truly feel all that is required. The experience leaves me feeling more alive, awake and aligned with my purpose. Each time I feel so inspired I’m practically leaping out of my skin to create, to sing, to dance and to offer my gifts as a contribution to changing the world.
- Natalie