A 90 minute workshop of Shamanic Sound and Sacred Cacao to awaken your utmost divine and spiritual badassery.


This mini-retreat is here to help you find a deep inner peace.
To explore and connect with the medicine of cacao.
To experience heart-opening LOVE so that you can tap into your highest truth and desires.
To help you take the first step in manifesting that which is YOU into the world.


May 12th at 2pm
Fred Wildlife Refuge
128 Belmont Ave E Seattle Wa


Shamanic Sound Journey - Transcend your state into an elevated plane of collective consciousness. Together we will shift our awareness into a space guided by the sacred sounds of gong, alchemical crystal singing bowls, shamanic vocals and mantra, spoken word, and other vibrational healing instruments. As we enter into the realm of heightened awareness we tap into the source our divine and infinite power - Our God Self - Our Creator Self.

Cacao Ceremony - Meet the spirit of cacao. Like you, she is alive, aware and powerful. She is a heart opener and a wild child from the jungles of Guatemala. Her love struck energy has been brought to you for a reason. Cacao is plant medicine used to access higher dimensions of love and to blast your heart wide open. Set your intentions - let your heart be your guide.

Manifesting Magick - After aligning in a collective vibration of LOVE and connecting with this powerful plant spirit we enter into an energetic vortex of manifestation. We are the creators of our experience. We are the Goddesses and Gods here to bring the energy of heaven to earth. Everyone’s heaven is different - the best news is, you get to create exactly what lights you up. Awaken to the truth of who you are, align with the frequencies of your desires, anchor this vision into your physical reality, take actionable steps to call your dreams into your life..

This is your life. You are the creator. Come, co-create with your tribe and manifest that which you've been hiding from.





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for love sound and chocolate sacred cacao ceremony and shamanic sound journey

20 minute shamanic sound journey. Headphones highly recommended.