Morning Seedpod Meditation.

Surrender your worries and fears to our dear mother Earth as she cleanses you of doubt. Descend through each layer of mama Earth and allow yourself time to reset, recover and restore. Align with the powerful energy in her core and feel her nourishment as you ascend back to the surface. We are made up of the powerful elements of this planet, let her replenish your mind, body and spirit, using this meditation as a means of communion with the Earth. Feel your energy expand and strengthen, your physical body, mental and emotional bodies awaken and refreshed. Breathe in the vital life force that surrounds us. Live your best day, in the moment.

Available on Youtube and Insight Timer

Released February 2018

Morning Meditation to Align with the Frequency of Love

"We make our greatest offering to the world simply by attending to our own balance. Every time we create peace in our own being, we make a significant contribution to world peace."
- Pamela Miles

Start your day with the medicine of self-awareness and inner listening. Offer yourself love and compassion, connect with and reside in your heart. Ignite passion and excitement for your soul's purpose and cultivate gratitude for each and every person and experience in your life. We all deserve to see the world through the lens of love and gratitude.

Available on Youtube and Insight Timer

Released February 2018

Crystal Singing Bowl Meditation for Shamanic Journeying

This meditation delves into the realm of shamanic journeying. It's my hope that this takes you somewhere deep within yourself, far from the shallows of your waking consciousness. A place that you go to as a student and return anew. A place where the entire universe resides and with it all the knowledge you need to align with your highest self.

Available on: YouTube and Insight Timer

Released December 2017

crystal singing bowl meditation for shamanic journying

Older Meditations and Sound Journeys


Crystal Singing Bowl and Gong Healing Meditation [Live Recording]

20 minute instrumental sound journey

Available on: YouTube and Insight Timer.

Posted November 1, 2017


Guided Chakra Balancing and Healing Meditation with Singing Bowls

20 minute guided meditaiton

Available on: YouTube and Insight Timer

Posted Early 2017