Below are a list of our offerings, each one being truly representative of the practices we're most passionate about sharing.

Our offerings are much needed mini retreats for the mind + body + spirit. These are practices of self-care; create the time and space to lay down, relax and let go of concerns so that you can finally give yourself permission to heal. We also facilitate offerings incorporating techniques to unite others and create strong communities and individuals. We focus heavily on providing others with the support and tools to create from a place of love and manifest their highest potential. 

The mind + body will find peace and effortlessness in every breath;
Spirit will be renewed and empowered with a vibrant sense of awareness.

Restorative yoga + Sound healing + Reiki

This is a 90 minute Restorative sequence accompanied by the vibrations of crystal tones singing bowls, gong and vocal toning. The healing touch of Reiki will be offered to those who are open to receive it. 

As we are journeying through sound and stillness Reiki guides us into our natural state of balance so that the body's innate ability to heal is at full capacity. 

The sound waves permeate our bodies traveling directly to where it's needed most. 


sACRED vibrations: a sound healing experience

This is an immersive meditation guided by the resonant tones of crystal singing bowls, gong, didgeridoo, Native American drone flute and shamanic vocal toning. The experience is an improvised journey through sound. It's you, giving yourself the opportunity to surrender your concerns to the present moment so that the mind + body can naturally begin to heal. Allow the vibrations to guide you into the infinite depths of who you are.

60-90 minutes. 

*Reiki Healing - Optional Add On



Cacao ceremony

This ceremony starts with an intention setting circle where each individual enters the space as a contributor towards their own experience as well as supporting the experience of others. We shift into the realm of the heart chakra as we connect with the spirit of Cacao and and one another. Using techniques such as pranayama (breath), mantras (voice), and soul gazing we align in a collective vibration of unconditional love. As we become more aware of this profound and powerful unified field we transition into our manifestation practices. Guided meditation and spoken word exercises are used to project our vision into our reality. As we share our visions with our co-creators in ceremony, we amplify our intentions and support one another deeply on this journey. 

90-120 minutes

Cacao + Heart Opening Vinyasa 

Fully align into the frequency of love as you flow through heart opening yoga postures and indulge in the heart opening properties of cacao. We will begin this practice with an intention setting circle to unite the practitioners into a collective vibration, followed by pranayama and mantras. These exercises will activate the medicinal qualities of the cacao and fully expand our hearts. As we move through our vinyasa practice we feel the presence of the cacao guiding our movements and further connecting us in love.