Client Testimonials

"Jerred and Natalie offer balanced, peaceful, and heart-centered classes. These yogis love what they do and live what they love. Its a joy to be in their class and I always leave feeling better then I did when it started. Jerred's voice and sound bowls are calming while Natalie lovingly guides you through an intelligent asana sequence. Their workshops are powerful experiences that I highly recommend!"

- Casey Hubbell, E-RYT 200

"A few weeks ago my boyfriend, Kyle and I had an amazing experience. We were both stressed and looking for something or someone to help us unwind and chill out. That something or someone happened to be Jerred and Natalie. They posted on a Facebook group about their sound healing and Reiki and I took it as a sign. Next thing I know Kyle and I are melting into the floor haha Natalie preformed an hour of reiki on me and Kyle soaked up the benefits on Jerred's singing bowls, gong and AUMs. If you are new to these methods or they are a familiar friend I would highly recommend Jerred and Natalie. They are genuine and calming people and make you feel welcome and renewed. "

Gina and Kyle

"I have taken part in a handful of Jerred and Natalie's sound bath ceremonies and one of their cacao ceremonies. All their ceremonies leave me feeling rejuvenated and full of clarity. If you're feeling out of sync with your daily life, like things just aren't aligning or going your way, I highly recommend attending one of their sound baths. They typically pair a yin yoga practice with their sound bath ceremonies which always helps ground me before moving into the full meditation with the singing bowls, gongs, and chants. If you are feeling a lack of community in your life or unclear about what your micro and macro life goals and visions are I recommend their cacao ceremonies. Their cacao ceremonies truly help you manifest your aspirations. It's a great time to connect with others and take a moment out of your busy life to think about your path or next steps!"

Lydia Mini-Tube, RYT 200

"Jerred and Natalie have such a warm and welcoming presence that you can't help but feel joyful around them! They have an unparalleled ability to guide and nurture you through your experience, whether it be a sound bath, meditation, cacao ceremony or restorative yoga. Every experience with them I leave feeling lighter, happier and more present in my life and with tools to stay grounded and navigate through the challenges that life often brings. My life would not be the same without the bright light of these two souls!"

Eryn Kruk

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