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Workshop Offerings


Manifesting Magick
Sacred Cacao Ceremony

Ceremony opens with an intention setting circle in which each individual enters the space as a contributor. We then shift into the realm of the heart as we connect with each other alongside the spirit of Cacao. Using pranayama (breath), mantra (voice), and soul-gazing we align into a collective vibration of unconditional love. As we become more connected in this unified field we transition into our manifestation practices using guided meditation and the power of our voices to solidify our visions into our physical realities.


Cacao and Breathwork Journey

Come and experience your breath as the deep teacher that it is. Through the intentional act of changing how we take breath we can send ourselves into states of consciousness far from our normal waking experience and into the vast ocean of simply being.

We’ll embark on this journey together after setting intentions and communing with sacred Cacao. With her loving embrace we’ll breathe together and elevate into the vibration of love, align with Divine flow and surrender to whatever it is that our experience is asking of us.

** This has become one of our favorite offerings to share. The co-created space has been safe and loving, supportive and grounding and is a heart-centered vessel for Spirit.


Renewed Awakening
Restorative Yoga, Reiki and Sound Healing

Grounding Yin Yoga postures root you into your physical being as the sacred sounds of gong, singing bowls, flute, voice and other instruments transcend your state of consciousness. Feel the vibrations of these sounds permeate your being intuitively traveling to where you need it most.

The healing touch of Reiki will be offered to those who are open to receive it. As we journey through sound and stillness Reiki guides us into our natural state of balance so that the body’s innate ability to heal is at full capacity.


Sacred Vibrations
Journey Through Sound

This is an immersive meditation guided by the resonant tones of alchemical crystal singing bowls, gong, flute, shamanic vocal toning, mantra and other sacred instruments. By surrendering to the vibrations we dive into our infinite inner worlds, embarking an inward journey of deep healing and exploration.

The healing touch of reiki will be offered to those that wish to receive it.



About Jerred and Natalie


Jerred and Natalie met in the midst of a massive shift in their lives. Natalie was already deep into her own transformational work and Jerred was soon to experience his first awakening. Developing consistent meditation and yoga practices lead to exploring sound healing, reiki, breathwork and cacao. After receiving the magical benefits of these tools they realized their calling as a team to share what they had discovered with as many people as possible.

With a willingness to sit in stillness and learn, they have found inspiration and guidance from various workshops and mentors in their local community as well as distant community gatherings and events. They have been sharing their offerings for over three years all over Seattle and throughout the country. They have dedicated study and continue their education through yoga teacher trainings, reiki initiation, workshops, consciousness gatherings, private instruction and self-study.

It is their contribution to humanity to unite Gaia and her tribe. They believe that through intentional scared practices and ceremony all beings can align in a vibrational frequency of love and ultimately offer the Earth a greater sense of peace and transformation.